The Old Man and The Gun Review: A Romantic, Retro Swan Song for Robert Redford

“This story is mostly true”, we’re told. And while The Old Man and the Gun is ostensibly about the hunt for the Over the Hill Gang, a real-life trio of geriatric bank robbers led by Robert Redford’s Forrest Tucker, it’s really a stylish homage to the charming outlaw archetype enshrined by Hollywood and, of course, Redford himself. This is pure, selfreflexive cinematic pleasure.

For Forest Tucker, robbing banks isn’t about making a living. It’s about living. Sharply dressed in a periwinkle blue suit, he carries out his work with precision and politeness, leaving witnesses oddly admiring of his gentlemanly manner. Aided by Danny Glover’s Teddy and Tom Waits’ Waller, he’s done countless jobs and escaped from imprisonment so many times that he can’t remember when and where every jail break took place. He slips through the cops’ fingers yet again when he stops to help Jewel (Sissy Spacek) with her broken down car and the police cars speed unknowingly past. While romance gently blossoms, the appropriately named Detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck) grows determined to catch him.

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