Baby You Can(‘t) Drive My Car

Let’s talk about Baby Driver! The music! The action! The cars! The jokes! The female characters!

I just loved the way Eiza Gonzalez’s gang member ‘Darling’ (nice nickname, right?!) got to shoot a gun but spent most of the film hanging off ‘Buddy’ (Jon Hamm) ’s tongue until she got blasted away in order to provoke bloodthirsty vengeance in the aforementioned Hamm. He worked himself up into such a state of mangst that he ended up providing a final showdown for our hero ‘Baby’ (Ansel Elgort) to triumph in. Thank God for that, otherwise Baby might not have got the chance to prove himself and complete his narrative arc.

I just loved the way Lily James’ what’s-her-name diner waitress had no real interior life, no real motivation to do anything other than that vague desire to escape from the humdrum of everyday life which is surely the most universal human emotion, and was posed alongside a beautiful open-topped vintage car as part of Baby’s reward for doing his time in prison. If you were concerned that Lily was being equated to a nice car don’t fear-she got to wack a gun out of Hamm’s ham-fisted hands which Baby then used to get him in the kneecap and promptly dispatch him. Never mind that she spent most of the confrontation just sort of…standing around and later seemed eager to stay on the run with Baby, her own future be damned. #empowering

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it was cute that Baby fell in love with a blonde waitress with a lovely singing voice in a diner where his dead mother with a lovely singing voice once worked as a waitress. Um.

Anyway, setting aside perhaps overused sarcasm for a moment, Baby Driver is an extremely stylish, incredibly well choreographed action packed summer film with a fabulous soundtrack. Which is perhaps why it’s even more irritating that the women exist to serve the narrative owned by men. They’re not allowed to be in the driver’s seat of their own lives, they have Baby and Buddy for that.

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